Center for Conscious Living
           Center for Conscious Living

Special Events

Friday, October 3rd  7:30-9:30PM  Kickin' Kirtan
w/Swami Prem Aamod & the CCL Kirtan Ensemble

Sing ancient mantras and dance to primal rhythms in a safe and sacred environment.  Awaken the voice of the Spirit through vocalization, movement and community harmonics.  Call and response format makes it easy, even if you've never been to a Kirtan before.  Warning: This activity is addictive.  A $10 donation is suggested so that we might pay the musicians.

Saturday, October 11th  7:30PM
"Ecstatic Chants of Devotion"  Shantala in Concert

Don't miss this exclusive area appearance of the internationally acclaimed Shantala with guest artist Sean Frenette.  This is sacred music with ancient roots and modern musicianship of the highest quality.  To be able to appreciate this performance in an intimate and sacred space is truly a privilege.  Tickets are $15 in advance (plus a $1 credit card processing fee if purchased here).  Tickets may be purchased in person at Mimosa Books or online by clicking here.

Saturdays, Oct. 11th, 18th & 25th  9:00-11:00AM
An Exploration of Techniques to Mitigate Disease & Aging
Seminar Series w/Floyd Jerred

We are living in a time when many diseases are becoming antibiotic resistant and our medical professionals do not have viable alternatives.  This means we are at risk of experiencing an epidemic leading to thousands or even millions of deaths.  Also there are many diseases that are approaching epidemic status such as cancer where the current medical treatments are almost as deadly as the disease.   There are many natural, alternative and experimental ways to correct many health problems that the traditional medical establishment does not commonly employ.

In the first two lectures you will learn about three alternative/experimental health systems that address 97% of all known pathogens, viruses and parasites without side effects.  In the third lecture you will learn how to become extremely healthy in spite of the aging process.  Learn how to actually feel like you're becoming younger every day.  This program is easy to follow and does not require adherence to any extreme diet or exercise plan.  A small $10 donation is suggested for each of these unique seminars.

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