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Special Events

Friday, July 10th
                      First Friday Kickin' Kirtan
     w/Swami Prem Aamod &the CCL Kirtan Ensemble

ing ancient mantras and dance to primal rhythms in a safe and sacred environment.  Awaken the voice of the Spirit through vocalization, movement and community harmonics.  Call and response format makes it easy, even if you've never been to a Kirtan before.  Warning: This activity is highly addictive.  A $10 admission is requested so that we might pay the musicians.

Saturday, July 11th   10:00AM-6:00PM

Water Ritual for a New Earth

015 is an Earth Year, according to the elemental wisdom of the Dagara Tribe of West Africa, and it is also time for the full manifestation of the New Earth consciousness for humanity.  It is with great pleasure this year we offer a series of rituals designed to support the integration of the New Earth consciousness deep into our psyches. 

The elemental theme of this ritual is water.  Water is the spirit of unity and community.  We will honor our ability to relinquish our need for manipulation and control dramas by engaging with the purifying energy of Water to access our natural capacity for authentic, loving and peaceful relationships.

Times, locations and costs:
  • 10AM-1PM starting and 5-6pm ending at The Center for Conscious Living, 849 E. Washington Ave.
  • Fire Ritual 2-4pm at a local water portal.
  • The cost is $100; and no one who comes in earnest will be refused participation. 

What to bring:

  • For our Community Altar: bring blue cloth and safe-burning, unscented, non-toxic blue candles, and items that are representative of the Water element.
  • To help keep the costs of this gathering as affordable as possible, we ask that you prepare and bring your lunch and a food contribution for the feast after the ritual; there is a full kitchen for storing and preparing food. 
  • We will begin our journey indoors, and then will spend most of the time outdoors.  Dress appropriately for the season, and bring bathing suit, towels, water and other items to insure your comfort while doing the work.
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