Center for Conscious Living
           Center for Conscious Living

Special Events

Friday, May 2nd   7:30-9:30PM
Kickin' Kirtan Dance & Chant
w/Swami Prem Aamod & the CCL Kirtan Ensemble
The ancient vibrations of Vedic wisdom ring through every chant as this most dynamic Kirtan group leads us through an evening of traditional Sanskrit call and response with their voices and instrumental accompaniment.  Sing ancient mantras and dance to ancient rhythms as the energy builds.  Join with others whose hearts are opening as we continue this recurring event at the CCL.  A $10 donation is suggested so that we might pay the musicians.  Bring a friend and share this evening of energetic harmonization.

Friday, May 16th  7:00-9:00PM
Rhythm of Life Drum & Dance Circle
Drumming is one of the most potent energizing and harmonizing activities you can engage in.  Garrett and Pete have created a truly sacred process that melds the energy of drummers and dancers of all skill levels.  Drumming becomes a technology to connect with the Earth and with each other.  Bring a drum or use one provided.  This circle is now at the Center every third Friday.  A $10 donation is requested, a portion of which goes to help support Center operations.
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