Center for Conscious Living
           Center for Conscious Living

Special Events

Friday, May 1st   7:30-9:30PM 
First Friday Kickin' Kirtan
w/Swami Prem Aamod & the CCL Kirtan Ensemble

Sing ancient mantras and dance to primal rhythms in a safe and sacred environment.  Awaken the voice of the Spirit through vocalization, movement and community harmonics.  Call and response format makes it easy, even if you've never been to a Kirtan before.  Warning: This activity is highly addictive.  A $10 admission is requested so that we might pay the musicians.

Friday, May 15th  7:30-9:30PM
Journey on the Breath
Please join us for this exploration of consciousness through manipulation of the breath.  After creating a "safe container," participants lay on the floor and breathe according to facilitated instruction. This is accompanied by a carefully and consciously constructed soundtrack designed to enhance and steer the experience. The maple wood floor becomes a sounding board, carrying the vibrations of the music intimately to each participant.  The goal is for each participant to have a truly profound journey into their sub-conscious and super-conscious minds. Facilitators will monitor the journeyers to offer assistance if it is needed.  This is all followed by a cooling down and recovery period.  Donations will be gratefully accepted and will help fund CCL operations.
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