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Saturday, November 1st  10:00AM-5:00PM
Self-Care for the Caregiver Workshop w/Ada-Reva Spae
Do you feel like you spend so much time caring for others that you are left depleted?  Much in the same way that airlines tell you to "put the oxygen mask on yourself first," self care is essential to our well being -- which, in turn, is essential to those we're caring for.  This workshop is a playful, entertaining and insightful exploration that addresses the personal self-care needs of those who are health care providers, parents, teachers, those caring for aging parents or disabled partners.  The workshop will include playful yoga, mindfulness practices, self-massage, yoga nidra, live music, interactive exercises and creative exercises.  During the workshop, attendees will develop a self-care plan to help them continue this important work going forward.

What to bring:  A yoga mat or large beach towel, 2 firm blankets and a water bottle.
Workshop fee is $98 in advance and can be purchased by clicking here, or $108 at the door. 

Help support the Center with a tax deductable contribution.
Make a tax deductible contribution to the Center by clicking here. The Center for Conscious Living is a spiritual community center that relies on revenues from those who use the Center.  We currently receive no outside funding. The Center is a 100% volunteer organization.  We are a 17 year old church so all donations made here are 100% tax deductible. We will document your contribution by mail within days.  Thank you for supporting the Center for Conscious Living and our efforts to support a better life for all Madisonians.

                                  Hey ma!
     We were in the paper!

In early 2010, the Wisconsin State Journal  published a bit of our story.  To check it out, just click here.   And, last summer, the Madison Isthmus published an article about the Center you can access by clicking here.

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To learn how you can become an active participant in the Center's operation or get on an informational mailing list, e-mail your request to or phone us at: 608-843-7740

     The Center for Conscious Living
          is located at 849 E. Washington

             (@Paterson w/rear parking lot)
     CCL is open and is awaiting your arrival.
     You are lovingly invited to visit us at this
      space designed to host gatherings
of the
               Madison spiritual community.

Please join us for any of our various events
              as we seek to provide an eclectic
mix of spiritual experiences to assist you
             in your journey of self-discovery.

The Center for Conscious Living exists as a
non-denominational forum for spiritual community seven days a week. This spiritually energetic space is designed to host events such as spiritual support groups, metaphysical understanding and spiritual practice workshops, Kirtans, Yoga classes, drum circles, Spiritual Cinema, Spirit (ecstatic) dances, meditations, and, of course, Sunday Life Celebrations that include stand you up live music and free community brunch.

When people become fully aware of themselves - and all other people - as individualized expressions of a single Divine Consciousness, they are ready to receive the abundant gifts of love, peace, vitality and creative self expression that are available to all of us. We believe this awareness is facilitated through the building of spiritual community.

Loving Spirit
Community for Conscious Living
A Community for 
the Whole Earth

The Loving Spirit Community for Conscious Living and the Center for Conscious Living
are wholly owned entities of The Madison Church of Religious Science Ltd.,
a Wisconsin non-profit corporation.
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